Shopping in Milan with ShopsMapp app

  • more than 1.000 stores of clothing, shoes and accessories;

  • outlets of Milan, shopping centers, fur showrooms;

  • easy search of stores by price, brand, product category, style;

  • the facility of adding the stores to your favorites for your shopping in Milan;

  • map of the stores, their contacts, size, working hours, price range, category, style and brands.

Shopping in Milan raises questions - ShopsMapp knows the answers!

You are going to go shopping in Milan. There are thousands of shops but your time is limited. You want buy a lot or you look for something specific. The price or the particular brand is important to you. How to know in which shop you’ll find that you need? And where it is situated?

The app for shopping in Milan ShopsMapp was the answer to all these questions. First and foremost it is designed for tourists who are not familiar with the city. If you are in Milan for the first time, download ShopsMapp to find the stores with useful information and their location on map. But even if you live in Milan for a long time, it is absolutely certain that the application will be useful to you too. You will discover many new and interesting shops, that were not known to you before.

You don’t need anymore to learn the forums and blogs to find out where the best places for shopping in Milan are. All information is already in the app. For the same reason you do not need the personal shopper with you for your shopping in Milan. You have your own mobile shopping guide now!

ShopsMapp makes your shopping in Milan a comfortable, enjoyable and productive! One of the features is also the fact that you will always know the boutique is open or closed, because the stores in Italy have a very specific timetable.

Choose the parameters you need in the search and receive the list of the stores that best meet your needs (eg, mens luxury casual shirts or women’s mid-range elegant shoes).

Shopping in Milan will become for you as simple as shopping in your hometown. With ShopsMap shopping in Milan is a real pleasure  because you exactly know where to buy what you want, and save your time and strengths!